Thermal (IFR) Imaging

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Don’t be surprised by what’s behind your walls! Protect your family and your investment with Thermal Imaging.

At Sky Seals, we can identify the unknown with thermal imaging. Thermal imaging (also known as infrared photography, IFR) is technology allowing our inspectors to detect and photograph areas that display unusual temperature differences. These “hot” or “cold” spots can be indicators of air leaks, moisture intrusion, electrical hazards, flaws in the heating system, roof damage, and more.

The use of thermal imaging during your inspection is important because this technology allows us to find potential issues that are impossible to see with the naked eye. A pipe leaking inside a wall may cause significant damage before the evidence is visible on the outside of the wall.  A fault in the electrical panel might never be detected until it causes a fire. What’s more, IFR technology is non-invasive; inspectors examine areas below cabinets, inside walls and underneath flooring without removing or damaging drywall, carpeting, etc. Using IFR technology, your inspector can scan large areas of your home while looking for any anomalies that might be indicators of potential water damage, fire hazards, and energy loss. Any potential issues will be documented for further investigation.  

Be safe and smart. Use IFR to prevent fires, water damage, and costly repairs!

What kinds of problems can be detected?

Common Electrical issues that IFR detects include:

  • arching
  • overloaded wiring and circuits
  • unusually hot and loose connections
  • unusual harmonics
Common areas where unusual moisture is detected:
  • Around kitchen sinks, dishwashers, refrigerators, vents and exhaust fans
  • Bathroom faucets, showers, bathtubs, vents, toilets, and windows
  • Near heating and air conditioning systems
  • At the water heater
  • In the attic, including roof pass-throughs and penetrations,  vents, fans, and recessed lights
  • On basement walls, in ductwork and crawlspaces
  • Around washer and dryer hookups and utility sinks

Advantages of using IFR to detect moisture intrusion include:

  • Detection of moisture before damage is visible to the naked eye
  • Inspection of areas that are difficult to access, such as tall ceilings or beneath carpet
  • Locating the source of moisture intrusion and identifying necessary repairs
  • Determining the extent of moisture intrusion…a spot in the basement might come from the roof!
  • Providing visual documentation; helpful to make proper repairs and cost negotiations

Thermal Imaging Home Inspection When Buying A Home

Allan Spisak of ACISS Home Inspections discusses thermal imaging home inspections with an infrared camera, what is a thermal home inspection, and much more with Real Estate Agent Joe Terceira on Real Estate 101: The Home Buying & Selling Show.
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